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Street Photography Using HQ Lightroom Presets

Street Photography is one of the genres of photography, photography that captures in the street, it is about the people, the street, the things and any object surround and their interaction, captured in precise timing and framing and also good and creative composition...

170 New Presets in 4 Category Has Been Added

Yes,, Finally we add 170 new lightroom presets in 4 new category, now we released our product into version 3 which contain of 450 high quality lightroom presets. These new presets comes with pure dramatic colors, so widely uses for any photography genres. 4 New...

Get Ready For The New Lightroom 5 : A Glance Review

Lightroom 5 : What's new ? What's the difference ?   Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has released a BETA version of Lightroom 5 and you can try it free until June 30th. You can download from here labs.adobe.com. At a glance view we try to show you, what is the new...

Choosing The Right Lenses According To DSLR Sensor Size

DSLR camera which we used to wear generally wear sensor APS-C size or smaller than the sensor size of full frame 35mm. APS-C sensor will bring the impact of the crop factor of the lens is mounted, so that the lens focal range will be 1.5 times longer.  we present...

Amazing Bokeh Images At F1.8 Produces By 50mm F1.8 Lens

As a newbie photographer, fixed AF-D 50mm f/1.8 lens is mandatory, not only in terms of quality but also a very cheap and affordable price for beginners who still do not dare to decide to buy other lenses which more expensive.     Armed with a fixed prime...

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