Strong Color : Extreme Mood HQ Lightroom Presets

Strong Color : Extreme Mood HQ Lightroom Presets


Strong Color : Extreme Mood Lightroom Presets, this is one of my favorite presets, it brings a very unique touch, an extreme mixing color,  a magically boost image to the upper level, so strong and add the dramatic atmosphere to your image. These below images are the example of ONE MAGIC TOUCH, using this Strong Color : Extreme Mood Lightroom Presets.


See below for the sample image being processed with before and after using this develop lightroom presets. This Presets is one of 30 develop Lightroom Presets that bundled in #Strong Color Lightroom Presets Pack


NOTE : The Following result of these preview is using 505 Massive Presets Version 3.6 – Now the package has a new update [ 505 Massive Presets V.4.0 ]. Several presets have changed, these preview might no longer as the same look as before if you are using the new version.








You can get the complete set of 625 High Quality lightroom presets with only $119 optimized for RAW & JPEG and fully compatible with Lightroom4 , Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, Lightroom CC And Adobe Camera RAW ACR presets 7.0

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