Yes,, Finally we add 170 new lightroom presets in 4 new category, now we released our product into version 3 which contain of 450 high quality lightroom presets. These new presets comes with pure dramatic colors, so widely uses for any photography genres. 4 New Category is # False Color II, # Dark Dramatic, # Update 1 and # Tilt Shift.

# False Color II

The new  # False Color II  has the atmosphere of infra red and false color photo look alike, it brings the unique and unusual color and also gives the different skin tone of human object, change the real color of any elements such as sky and plants and bring into the beauty of infra red and false color photo. We added 100 lightroom presets to False Color II which gives you wide option to choose to enhanced your photos.


false color acr presets

# Dark Dramatic

# Dark Dramatic has the unique dark color in dramatic style, brings the mystique color touch. Enriched with 25 high quality lightroom presets.

# Update 1

# Update 1 is our new presets update from previous category and we mixed up in one category, there are # Black & White  presets, # Dramatic Presets, #Clean & Clear presets, #Yellow Warm presets, # Fantasy & False Color presets, # Strong Color presets, # Bold Shade presets And # Easy Shade presets. The Presets comes with new unique colors as usual, ready to enhanced your photo in wide range of photography genres

# Tilt and Shift

We added new category # Tilt & Shift lightroom presets, a real life miniature look alike, if you have a photo taken from high above, why not transform it to tilt shift photo, so easily, we provide 10 lightroom presets that you can choose. These 10 presets also has a quick fix exposure to brighten your photos. Suitable only for a high above landscape composition. And a little note, after using these you have to click RESET to remove the effect.

False Color II contain of 100 presets, Dark Dramatic Contain of 25 presets, Update 1 contain of 35 presets, and Tilt & Shift contain of 10 presets. All added into our one beast massive package which contain of 450 lightroom presets in 14 category. Still at the same price $69 fully compatible with adobe Lightroom 3, Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 5 and you can buy it here





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