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See How Our False Color Presets in Action To Boost Up This Photo

. NOTE : The Following result of these preview is using 505 Massive Presets Version 3.6 - Now the package has a new update [ 505 Massive Presets V.4.0 ]. Several presets have changed, these preview might no longer as the same look as before using the previous version....

Vintrochrome™ : Not Just Another Film Presets

We are very excited to announce that we just launch the new product :  Vintrochrome™ a vintage retro presets, presets that achieve the old style film looks, an emulation of the film color from the old school years. Vintrochrome embrace the nostalgic color tone of...

55 New Color Tone Lightroom Presets Has Landed

So glad finally in January 2014 we can released 55 new lightroom presets in #Update 2 Presets pack. We never stop to invent new tone color of lightroom presets, we keep develop a new presets, and now we deliver to you a new 55 presets.   These 55 new presets are...

440 ACR Presets Has Been Added To The Package !

Good news, now we added 440 Adobe Camera Raw ( ACR ) presets to the package of  HQ Lightroom Presets V.3.3 The 440 ACR Presets has the same tone color as the HQ Lightroom Presets but minor of the Tilt & Shift presets. These ACR presets is obviously for the Adobe...

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