Choosing The Right Lenses According To DSLR Sensor Size


DSLR camera which we used to wear generally wear sensor APS-C size or smaller than the sensor size of full frame 35mm. APS-C sensor will bring the impact of the crop factor of the lens is mounted, so that the lens focal range will be 1.5 times longer.  we present articles that hopefully can assist the reader in choosing the right lens associated with the crop factor as this.

Initially in the era of film SLRs, each focal lens will give the actual focal what-is. A 50mm lens will give you perspective and angle images that are like that should be a 50mm lens. With the digital age that use APS-C sensor, so no adjustment in which each lens is mounted so it will experience a correction 1.5x 50mm lens will be equivalent to 75mm. As a result, wide lens is no longer so wide, and telephoto lenses will be getting winded.

Crop Factor

We have had a lot of special lenses produced APS-C sensor, such as EF-S lenses (Canon), DX lens (Nikon) and is also made by other manufacturers such as lenses from Tamron, Sigma or Tokina. The lens is shaped smaller, with diameters smaller image area (adjusted for sensor size) and is not suitable for incorporation in the DSLR full frame . Do we have to always choose a lens like this? Not really, no restrictions for APS-C DSLR owners to use the lens full frame , let alone the lens full frame on e have more choice and generally professional lens is a lens full frame .


Both the lens full frame and special lens DSLR APS-C are both fixed focal lenses made with the appropriate specification standards. For example, although a 35mm DX Nikon lenses made specifically for Nikon APS-C, but still will have a 35mm focal correction so that the equivalent of 52mm. So any lens that is mounted on APS-C cameras the focal effectiveness will still have the crop factor .

Basic beginner mistakes in choosing a lens is that he ignores the crop factor , although not fatal but can bring disappointment. A person who bought the Canon 17-40mm lens may be disappointed when installing this lens on the EOS 60D camera, because she could never feel the wide 17mm focal imagined. A person who bought 28-300mm lens might be surprised at the wide capabilities of this lens is actually 42mm instead of 28mm (42mm is no longer classified as wide).

Favorit Focal Lens

Here we present some focal lenses a favorite in the era of film photography, and how its effect when exposed to the crop factor , and lens as what needs to be purchased by APS-C DSLR owners to be able to have the same focal lenses such as lenses are:

1. Fix normal: 50mm

This is the most popular lens among photographers of earlier times. As the name implies, the lens can not zoomed, but the benefits could have a very large aperture lens. This lens when mounted on APS-C cameras will be corrected to 75mm. Therefore if you want to feel focal 50mm, look for lenses 30mm or 35mm .

2. Wide Zoom: 17-40mm (Canon), 16-35mm (Nikon)

This lens is so wide luxury class photography lovers dream wideangle . Such lenses are generally sold over 10 million dollars. When the lens is mounted on APS-C cameras then the focal lenght 26-60mm would be a less wide. The solution, look for wide lens for APS-C such as 10-22mm (Canon), 10-24mm (Nikon), 10-20mm (Sigma) and so on. Although not be able to match the real 17mm wide, at least APS-C DSLR users can still feel the sensation of a 20mm wide angle.

3. Zoom normal 1 : 24-70mm

This is the most favored normal zoom lens because the wide is sufficient and the tele is fairly enough. When the lens is mounted on APS-C DSLR will be a 36-105mm which is not wide anymore. To be able to experience focal 24-70mm, APS-C DSLR user should buy lens 17-55mm (Canon, Nikon), 17-50mm (Tamron, Sigma).

4. Zoom normal 2 : 28-80mm (Canon), 28-70mm (Nikon)

Another option normal zoom lens especially at earlier times is 28-80mm which would be a liability when mounted on APS-C DSLR, because the focal length will be a 42-120mm that are not general. Currently if you have a DSLR with kit lens 18-55mm , this lens today’s practically equal 28-80mm lens at earlier times.

5. Super zoom / all round : 28-200 atau 28-300mm

First broom was already known lens focal universe that can reach a wide 28mm to super telephoto 200mm and even 300mm telephoto lens like 28-200mm and 28-300mm. When the lens is mounted on APS-C DSLR camera, again 28mm wide position will be exposed to liability because the crop factor to 42mm. If you would like to very long range lens, buy lens 18-135mm or 18-200mm for APS-C DSLR cameras you.

6. Professional zoom Tele: 70-200mm

This telephoto zoom lens is a professional grade lens is commonly called the flask (because of the size) and the cost a. If you buy this lens in APS-C DSLR camera, you will get the advantage of getting a longer telephoto range of the 100-300mm. But if you have a DSLR APS-C and indeed want a lens with a focal 70-200mm, you can buy a lens like the Tokina 50-135mm or Sigma 50-150mm .

7. Telephoto zoom ordinary: 70-300mm

This telephoto lens is the most popular among beginners and hobby of photography, because it is cheap and the tele rather long. When the lens is used on APS-C DSLR, the advantage is a very effective lens focal length is 100-450mm. So this lens is well liked by both the owner DSLR full frame and APS-C DSLR. But if you are the owner of the APS-C DSLR feels like to have an effective focal lens with 70-300mm, then you simply buy a cheap telephoto lens like 55-200mm .

As a guide, the following conversion table crop factor for some common focal, where Nikon, Pentax and Sony’s x1.5 while the Canon was 1.6 times (Olympus sensor using the Four Thirds with 2x crop, not discussed here).



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