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Q : What Is HQ Lightroom Presets ?

A : HQ Lightroom Presets is Premium Lightroom Presets, Contains of 625 High Quality Presets optimized for RAW & JPEG Format Images and compatible with Lr1-Lr3, Lr4 & Lr 5

Q : Is HQ Lightroom Presets Support for RAW format?

A : Yes ! HQ Lightroom Presets is optimized for RAW and also JPEG format. If you are using Adobe Lightroom 2-3 you shoot JPEG, you can use the presets that optimized for JPEG, and If you shoot RAW you can use the presets that optimized for RAW.  And If you are using adobe Lightroom 4-5, it fully support both format JPEG & RAW  

Q : How Can I Get This Premium Presets ?

A : On “Product Page” you can click “BUY NOW” and follow the payment process through Paypal and then right after the payment, simply check your mail on inbox ( or spam box ) the Presets ready to donwload

Q : After The Payment I don't Get Any Mail and Download Link From HQ Lightroom Presets ?

A : Contact Us Immediately,, soon we will send the presets to your email manually

Q : How To Import These Presets Into Adobe Lightroom ?

A : It is Easy,, simply click here and follow the instruction then Voila !!

Q : All Purchase Are Final and Non-Refundable !?

A : Yes Of Course, These are Digital Goods, there’s no guarantee if you send back to us, while you have copied another one to your hard drive.

Q : Why Does My Photos Get Too Sharps !?

A : It is recommended for you to use this presets from high resolution photos from your DSLR, Prosumer And Pocket camera , We not recommended using these presets to low resolution image

Q : Why Does My Photos Get Too Bright / Too Dark !?

A : HQ lightroom Presets brings colors and mood, enhanced your photos, contain sharpness, brightness and contrast, some presets also has a vignette effect and smooth effect.

Every single photo we take has its own unique value of exposure, and every presets has a different value of exposure, These presets designed from normal value of exposure. We really recommend you to adjust the exposure value followed by your sense to balancing into the perfect value of exposure. You can learn more here

If you are using adobe Lightroom 3 and you applied RAW presets to JPEG format it surely your photos gets to bright, and so if you applied JPEG presets to RAW format your photo will get to dark. Use RAW presets to RAW format and JPEG presets to JPEG format.

But If you use Lightroom 4-5, The Presets is compatible for both RAW and JPEG format.

Q : Why Does When I Applied These Presets Doesn't Show The Same Like The Preview Images ?

A : Every Photo we take has it’s own unique value of exposure, white balance, color mode, etc,, We cannot guarantee every photos has the same effect since every photo has many different factor, but the HQ lightroom Presets surely brings a unique color of tone, if your photos get too bright or dark you may simply adjust the exposure value, also the same if your photos get too sharp, too smooth or too vignette you can simply adjust the value manually.

More about adjusting value of your photos you learn more here



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