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Free Lightroom Presets : Chromatic Nor The Reds

free dark mood lightroom presets

Revolutionize Your Photography with “Chromatic Nor The Reds” – Infusing Drama into Every Pixel

Free Lightroom Presets: In the realm of photography, every hue holds a unique power—a captivating story that unfolds with the mere play of colors. Photographers, both novice and seasoned, understand the profound impact that color manipulation can have on their visual narratives. Yet, what if you could harness the potential of colors like never before, creating a symphony of dramatic expressions in your images?

Welcome to “Chromatic Nor The Reds,” our latest gift to the photography community. These free Lightroom presets are designed to unleash your creativity by preserving only the mesmerizing red and orange hues while transforming the rest into a mysterious shade of dark purple-red. The result? An infusion of unparalleled drama that will elevate your photos to the next level.

The Art of Color Restriction:

“Chromatic Nor The Reds” redefines color manipulation by restricting the vibrancy of your photos to the alluring shades of red and orange. While the rest of the spectrum fades into a dark and enigmatic purple-red, these two colors stand boldly, imbuing your images with an irresistible magnetism. Whether you’re striving to create moody masterpieces, evoke intense emotions, or simply experiment with unconventional color palettes, these presets are your creative playground.

The Allure of Matte Finish:

These free LR presets don’t stop at chromatic magic; they also offer a subtle matte finish, adding an air of vintage elegance to your images. This “faded preset” effect creates a soft, dreamlike quality that’s perfect for those seeking to add a touch of nostalgia to their photographs. It’s the ideal choice for projects that demand a hint of timelessness and artistry.

Versatile and Multifaceted:

While “Chromatic Nor The Reds” excel in creating dark mood photography, their versatility knows no bounds. These presets are equally suited for human portraiture, where the interplay of red and orange tones can add depth and intensity to your subject’s expressions. Additionally, art modeling enthusiasts can explore the creative potential of these presets to craft captivating, avant-garde visuals that push the boundaries of traditional photography.

Witness the Transformation:

To truly comprehend the enchantment of “Chromatic Nor The Reds,” venture into our example image gallery below. Each image showcases the presets’ ability to breathe life into your compositions, infusing them with drama, intensity, and a touch of artistic mystique.

In conclusion, “Chromatic Nor The Reds” – Free Lightroom Presets are your passport to a world where colors reign supreme. Embrace the power of dramatic color manipulation and matte finishes to craft captivating visual stories that leave an indelible mark on your audience. Elevate your photography, experiment with mood, and unlock new dimensions of artistic expression with these presets. It’s time to redefine your photography journey.

free lightroom presets

free lightroom presets

free lightroom presets

free lightroom presets


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  • File format: .lrtemplate ( Lr 3 – Lr 4 – Lr 5 – Lr 6 – Lr CC )
  • Licensing: Free for commercial and personal projects under Free Presets Usage Terms
  • Terms of use: Do not sell or redistribute files, adapt & alter The Free Lightroom Presets


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