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Free Yellow Lightroom Presets – In The Edge Of The Day

free yellow lightroom presets

Introducing “In The Edge Of The Day” Free Yellow Lightroom Presets: Embrace the Golden Hour Glow

Dive into the radiant world of “In The Edge Of The Day” Lightroom Presets, where the magic of the golden hours comes to life in bold yellow hues. This Free Lightroom Presets capture the warmth and vibrance of the golden hours, those captivating moments shortly after sunrise or before sunset when daylight bathes everything in a soft, reddish glow.

Perfectly suited for various photography themes, including model and beauty shots, human subjects, architectural wonders, wildlife, and more, these free Lightroom presets are your ticket to elevating your photography to new heights.

Take a glimpse below at the mesmerizing transformation this Free Lightroom presets bring to your images.

free yellow lightroom presets

free yellow lightroom presets


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  • File format: .lrtemplate ( Lr 3 – Lr 4 – Lr 5 – Lr 6 – Lr CC )
  • Licensing: Free for commercial and personal projects under Free Presets Usage Terms
  • Terms of use: Do not sell or redistribute files, adapt & alter The Free Lightroom Presets


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