Lightroom 5 : What’s new ? What’s the difference ?


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has released a BETA version of Lightroom 5 and you can try it free until June 30th. You can download from here At a glance view we try to show you, what is the new feature here in Lightroom 5.




The Icon and the welcome page still has the same form and color from Lightroom 4, No big changes.


In Develop Mode, we see the new appearance of tools icon set and also we see the new feature called “Radiant Filter”.  At the Basic Panel also we see the new rearrangement adjustment set of Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites And Blacks. It is different from Lightroom 4 which  has Exposure, Recovery, Fill Light,Blacks, Brightness And Contrast.



New Feature At SPOT REMOVAL Tool


At Spot Removal Tool now we can make any shape like brush, no fix circle shape anymore like the previous Lightroom version. It can be more usefull than annoying fix circle shaped. Adobe Digital Imaging Product Manager Sharad Mangalick explained in an interview that this was among the top-requested features from users, and from the team itself.




New Value Of  Adjustment Set on GRADUATED FILTER


There are 5 new value added into the graduated filter adjustment : Highlights, Shadows, Noise, Moire And Defringe





The New member of the Tools Set, The Radiant Filter. With this tools, we can add a radiant-circle shaped effect to get more dramatic photos, now we can customize the vignette effect in any spot that we like.


Its a great tools as we know that the previous lightroom version we can only adjust the vignette or the post-crop vignette only at the center of image, while some photos that we take has the rule of third composition, so with this radiant filter we can get more dramatic vignette more customizable.




New Value Of  Adjustment Set on ADJUSTMENT BRUSH


Same with the Graduated Filter, The Adjustment Brush has 5 new value added : Highlights, Shadows, Noise, Moire And Defringe



Lens Corrections Panel

There are new value added into Lens correction Panel, as the previous lightroom only give the adjustment Profile and Manual tab, now in lightroom 5, there are Basic, Profile, Color and Manual adjustment tab.






The Presets Compatibility factor is the main concern for us, since we sell the HQ Lightroom Presets Set.


When we applied the lightroom presets version 3, there are a “flash” icon show up at Histogram Panel, It is different from lightroom 4 which show a notification as exclamation mark to update to 2012 presets version.




When we applied with lightroom presets version 4, it works well and smooth, and there is no notification or a warning to update the presets version. So we can still use our collection of Lr 4 presets.


Well, maybe that’s all the first impression of Lightroom 5 ( BETA version ) in develop mode. Lightroom 5 is worth to update since it gives a new usefull tools to develop our photo more better!




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