Sometime Lightroom Presets is not a magic one touch, sometimes the presets we applied to our photos get too bright, get too dark, get too vignette, get too sharp, get too smooth, too grainy and so on,,

In these case, we have to adjust the value manually, so easy so simple in order to get your photos better.

#1 If your Image Get too Bright / too Dark


The KEY value of this effect

On Lr 3 : Exposure,  Recovery, Fill In, Blacks, Brightness, Contrast

On Lr 4 : Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks

You can find in BASIC PANEL at the right-side under Develop Tab.  Those Key Factors effects on your exposure value of your images, you can adjust those value manually until you find the best exposure.



Or.. If you don’t have enough time and so lazy to adjust the value manually you can just simply click the “Auto” Button. Sometime it give the unexpected result, and sometime give the “proper” result as we want it.

I give the example images :


  original images, street photography


Applied #Easy Shade : Gotham City Lightroom Presets and 
the result is a bit too dark


After adjusting the Exposure Value manually, give the better result

 #2 If your Image Get too Sharp or too Smooth


The key value of this effect is Clarity at the BASIC panel and Sharpening – Noise Reduction at the DETAIL panel

With Clarity you can adjust to – (minus) to to get the smooth, soft blurred skin tone, while adjusting to + (positive) value you’ll got the sharp, rough, and more detail skin tone

While Using DETAIL panel, we can adjust the sharpening value, if our images has a little miss focus to get sharper images. And with Noise reduction we can adjust the value to reduction noise of course, but with this parameter we also can get smooth detail, soft skin, and more blurry images.

The Example images of using the clarity value :

Clarity set to -29 resulting a smooth surface



 Clarity set to +53  resulting a hard detail surface


#3 If your Image Get too Vignette


Sometime Vignette effect can add more dramatic to your images, so lets we learn to adjust it to get more control on vignetting.  Vignette value can be adjust in Lens Correction Panel in manual mode, there is Lens Vignetting parameter that can be adjust. Others parameter in vignetting can be found too in Effect Panel, there are 3 parameter of Post-Crop Vignetting that can be adjust, Post-Crop Vignetting also has 3 more option : Highlight Priority, Color Priority, and Paint Overlay.




Okay, I think that’s enough for this post, actually there’s a  lot of parameter value that can be adjusted to get better images result, the color, saturation, curve, vibrance, split toning and etc.  See you to the next post ! 🙂





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