NOTE : The Following result of these preview is using 505 Massive Presets Version 3.6 – Now the package has a new update [ 505 Massive Presets V.4.0 ]. Several presets have changed, these preview might no longer as the same look as before if you are using the new version.


Our Premium Presets Dark Dramatic Presets has 25 high quality lightroom presets. The Dark Dramatic presets pack has an ultimate of dark mystique and fantasy color, an art presets,  richs of color combination which give unusual beauty results. Its also brings a sweet mystique atmosphere, a chromatic skin and colored black touch, suitable for photography genres like model, beauty shoot, fashion photography, human interest, baby, newborn, wedding, street photography,  and also works well in natural lights (bokeh style) or with artificial light (strobist/studio lighting).

See below how “Dark Dramatic”  boost up the tone color of this beauty photo with just one magic click through these lightroom presets.




presets matte Dark Dramatic Adventurous

Processed By “Dark Dramatic : Adventurous” presets

lightroom presets Dark Dramatic Violet Myth

Processed By “Dark Dramatic : Dramatic Violet Myth” presets

matte pastel presets Dark Dramatic Blue Storm

Processed By “Dark Dramatic : Blue Storm” presets

photoshop action Dark Dramatic Gold Black

Processed By “Dark Dramatic : Gold Black” presets

presets Dark Dramatic Green Creepy

Processed By “Dark Dramatic : Green Creepy” presets

Action Photoshop Dark Dramatic Grey White Sweet

Processed By “Dark Dramatic : Grey White Sweet” presets

action Dark Dramatic Mars Sunset

Processed By “Dark Dramatic : Mars Sunset” presets

Lightroom ActionDark Dramatic Off Road

Processed By “Dark Dramatic : Off Road” presets

Lightroom Presets Dark Dramatic Ultra Violet

Processed By “Dark Dramatic : Ultra Violet” presets

lightroom presets Dark Dramatic Under Ground

Processed By “Dark Dramatic : Under Ground” presets

presets Dark Dramatic Dark Blue Ocean

Processed By “Dark Dramatic : Dark Blue Ocean” presets

presets pastel Dark Dramatic Black Sweet Green

Processed By “Dark Dramatic : Black Sweet Green” presets

pastel lightroom presets Dark Dramatic Blue Meet Sand

Processed By “Dark Dramatic : Blue Meet Sand” presets

pastel presets Dark Dramatic Blue Swamp

Processed By “Dark Dramatic : Blue Swamp” presets

matte color Dark Dramatic Blue Untamed

Processed By “Dark Dramatic : Blue Untamed” presets

good presets Dark Dramatic Dark Forest

Processed By “Dark Dramatic : Dark Forest” presets

lightroom Dark Dramatic Dark Water

Processed By “Dark Dramatic : Dark Water” presets

best presets Dark Dramatic Daylight On Mars

Processed By “Dark Dramatic : Daylight On Mars” presets

You can get the complete set of 625 High Quality lightroom presets with only $119 optimized for RAW & JPEG and fully compatible with Lightroom 3, Lightroom4 , Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, Lightroom CC And Adobe Camera RAW ACR presets 7.0


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