Flower  has always been a  favorites object for taking photos. Especially for those who just hold a new camera, first experience,  I believe the first training object is from a nearby object, such as macro photos of plants and flowers in the garden. Here I will give a brief tutorial how to  shoot flower and make it more dramatic look, especially flower macro photo with dark or black background.



And also this tutorial is a sort of a low budget photography but with high impact!  So simple, there is no lighting set, no background set, no off shoe flash, no trigger, just stay with your built in flash, as simple as that, so it increase your mobility and speed to move on another macro object.


The camera I use is Nikon D80 with a Tamron 18-200 lens, while for those of you who have a prosumer camera or pocket you can try it too.


The Steps :



# 1  : Prepare the beautiful flowers of course .. as you see, there is no lighting set up and no background set up.




# 2 : I use the ex light box that i modified as “Flash Extender”

, you can made it better, as creative as you can, also you can add some aluminium foil inside the box to stronghold the flashlight.


# 3 :  A cheap  close up filter, even if you have a macro lens would be better (eg Raynox), but for those of you who did not have them you can try it with a lup or magnifier glass.


Set your camera into Manual mode, set your aperture to f22, set your shutter speed into 1/200 and also set your built in flash into manual  into the highest, (1/1 -1/2 power ).  But hey thats not a fixed set up, you can play with your exposure setting to get your best result and Just try try try,, make a several best shot!


And these are my best shot, with a low budget tools 🙂

























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